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Sharing quality food and drinks in an intimate atmosphere is at the essence of our Trattoria! Come and experience the best of Italian cuisine.

Opening Hours

Closed Mondays


5:00pm - 9:30pm

What is a Trattoria?

At a Trattoria you'll find medium-priced fare and friendly service. If you were in Italy and wanted to find an inexpensive restaurant, you might ask, "Può consigliare una trattoria?" There probably won't be a host or hostess; just pick a table and sit down. Maybe there's a printed menu; maybe not. You might find today's offerings handwritten on a chalkboard, or your server may just recite them.

The food is traditional, modest but plentiful and freshly cooked every day!

Some interesting FAQs

What is Rodizio?

Rodízio (pronounced [ʁoˈdʒiziu] in Brazil) is an all-you-can-eat style of restaurant service in Brazilian restaurants. In most areas of the world outside of Brazil, a rodízio restaurant refers to a Brazilian style steakhouse restaurant. Customers pay a fixed price (preço fixo), and waiters bring samples of food to each customer at several times throughout the meal, until the customers signal that they have had enough.

Is there a bain marie?

Yes. In our storage!

We believe customers getting up from their table and walking with their plates is not a good Italian way of dinner. Also a Bain Marie (whilst makes our job easier) often fails to provide the optimum freshness of food that's just come from Chef's wok to your plate.

How about children?

All children under 4 are free. Under 10 are half price (17.50).

How about BYO?

We are fully licensed and BYO is not an option. We do have an extended wine and very moderately priced cocktail list. Just ask the waiters when you are here.

How much can I eat?

As much as you like!

What is the birthday deal?

Every alternate month we have a special. Where you can bring 5 friends and your birthday dinner (buffet) and drink is on the house!. Obviously not valid with any other offers.

I am a vegetarian / pescatarian / vegan. Can I have the buffet?

You can. We wouldn't recommend it. We believe ala carte menu would be better value and more suited to your dietary requirements.

Can you accommodate large bookings?

Yes we can, and do often. However we can get very busy, if you have a large booking the earlier the better.

Do you do lunch?

We do not. However if you have a large booking we surely be able to do it, as the chefs prep at lunch time every day and opening our doors is easy for us, if required.